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“3spin is among the leading providers of mixed reality applications“


Partner for Mixed Reality

Over ten years ago we started as an agency focused on digital innovation – among them: Mixed Reality. Today we are one of the leading companies for Mixed Reality in business applications and a partner for corporations, agencies and consultancies alike.

In addition to individual services we offer a software for immersive knowledge transfer. Not only does that enable employees to learn tasks easier, it also helps consumers to understand products better. Our software for Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality offers companies possible applications in training, maintenance & sales.

Lufthansa Virtual Reality VFR Piloten Training
With Virtual Reality, Lufthansa was able to increase the performance of its flight students by 15 percent
DB HoloAssist Deutsche Bahn HoloLens Maintenance
Deutsche Bahn trains service technicians “on-the-job” using Augmented Reality

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Knowledge Conservation with Mixed Reality

We are convinced Augmented and Virtual Reality will forever change how people learn. Several scientists assume that by now the world’s documented knowledge doubles each year – an “information explosion”.

On the other hand – due to an increasing skilled labor shortage as well as demographic change – there is expected to be a dramatic decrease of knowledge within corporations.

Mixed Reality helps to conserve expert knowledge. The pivotal question: How do you recall this knowledge? We are convinced that Mixed Reality will have a special role here, because it imparts knowledge in real context.

Learning Efficiency with AR & VR

A high level of abstraction is necessary while learning through text as the brain has to “translate” the 2D manual onto real 3D space.

However, with Mixed Reality not only fact-based (semantic) memory will be triggered, but also the event-based (episodic) memory – because the situation has already been experienced.

Humans learn a task during the execution – either in advance by means of a virtual simulation (VR) or in the real environment using context-based overlays (AR).

Training and professional development become more descriptive and efficient. Not only does this lead to better cost efficiency, but also increases operational safety.

Create Content easily

New technologies are often based on human interactions. Touch displays let us “slide” and “drag” things, voice assistants recognize commands and will respond – technology is becoming more and more humanlike.

Mixed Reality is one peak of this development. VR and AR retrieve the user interface from the 2D screen back into the three-dimensional space.

Part of the user experience is the creation of step-by-step instructions – with our software, employees can easily create them themselves with our simple user experience: without programming knowledge and directly in 3D space instead of on a keyboard.

For our user experience design we have been awarded amongst others the iF Design Award and the Clio Award and thereby made it in the ranking of the digital agencies into the top 20 (PAGE) – in this case we are exceptionally happy to be called an “agency” again.

Award-winning Work

Our products have won international awards for innovation and great design time and time again.

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