With great design and cutting-edge technology, we help people and companies to thrive.

How we end up with successful products

In this more and more complex digital world we combine know-how from all disciplines under one roof. As Germany’s fastest-growing digital-service-provider (BVDW-ranking) we make innovative technologies accessible to our customers. We provide you with products that move and inspire passion because they make things easier, quicker and more convenient.


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It’s in the numbers

10 DAX customers

Already 10 of Germany's 30 largest companies use our products. We meet high standards and our processes guarantee maximum reliability.

1587 hours of research

We have put in 1,587 hours of research and development – on our own initiative – and at no cost to you.

63 countries worldwide

Our products are in use on a regular basis in 63 countries worldwide and therefore field tested for their international challenges.

2016 No. 1 in Growth

2016 we were Germany’s fastest-growing digital service provider (BVDW ranking). Our advanced know-how resonates in every product.

Award-winning work

Our products have won international awards for innovation and great design time and time again.

Innovation is not a buzzword, it’s corporate culture

We live technology. We translate our own enthusiasm for technical innovation into applications for your business with dedication and passion.


Applying Innovation

Every 6 weeks, each of our coworkers experiment with new technologies and design concepts. For one whole day. On our own initiative. As a result, we can already tell you today what will be possible tomorrow.

Finding trends

On websites like Kickstarter, private investors fund novel ideas like the Oculus Rift without knowing whether they will ever see a return on their money. This willingness to take a risk is a strong trend indicator we have been observing.

Research and teaching

It’s not all about trial and error to us, we also care about valid expertise we can utilize for our customers. That’s why we work closely together with universities, where we teach and who conduct research with us.


We maintain partnerships with the most important providers. This way we have access to prototypes and technologies that aren’t on the market yet and the opportunity to test them at our own discretion.

Innovation: a key to success

Innovations are never self-serving. The technology has to be usable and contribute to your business objective.

What we can offer you:

  • Professional evaluation of trends
  • Reliable assertions regarding application in your sector
  • Ideas on how to utilize innovation for your business
  • We carry out definitive products or applications

What you get out of this:

  • As a pioneer, you are sure to attract special attention
  • Competitive edge
  • Customer loyalty through strong brand image
  • Usage of leading technologies safeguarding the future

One step ahead from square one

Strong partners

We work with leading providers and cooperate with universities when it comes to research and education.