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DEKRA Spill Prevention Screenshot

„Spill Prevention“ Training


With the VR training we can prepare the participants for dangers and sources of error like never before and thus considerably reduce follow-up costs.

Thomas Kiso (Senior Manager Sales & Networks, DEKRA Digital)
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When transporting oil and fuel, product leakage and mixing are among the most serious process faults. Expensive consequences are the costly blocking of dispensing systems and pumping out vehicles. Training to avoid such errors has been difficult up to now, as the errors can hardly be simulated in reality.

At the beginning of 2020 DEKRA will be presenting its first virtual reality training for petrol station supply and fuel logistics, which was created using the learning platform 3spin DREAM. A supplementary augmented reality solution for the operative support of drivers using Smartglasses is already being planned.

In the future, the technologies will support the actors involved in the processes in order to be best prepared for the correct procedures and the most significant sources of error (VR) or to reliably retrieve the previously learned procedural steps during the execution (AR). The training marks the start of VR and AR in the DEKRA Group.

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