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3spin DREAM – the Platform for AR and VR Trainings

Are you convinced by AR & VR and are looking for an easy start or would you like to manage and distribute your existing trainings comfortably? Then we recommend 3spin DREAM.

With 3spin DREAM you can create practical and effective trainings for your employees without programming knowledge. We provide you with our secure cloud service or install our application locally on your server. Thus, you can easily create trainings in your web browser and use them on a variety of devices such as Oculus Quest, HTC Vive and Microsoft HoloLens 2.

Full flexibility

Depending on your needs you can create trainings in 3spin DREAM as a 360°, AR or VR experience.

360° Tour
Trainings with 360° photos are easy to make and serve as a good introduction to the VR world.

Virtual Reality
In modelled 3D rooms, participants can practice spatial and motoric activities.

Augmented Reality
Using AR, participants learn in the real world with virtual additions (3D, photos, videos).

Why a platform?

For many companies the topic of training with AR & VR is still new. Often first attempts are individually programmed as an innovation project – circumventing usual processes. However, after the creation of two or three training courses, the following criteria become relevant:

  • Fast and cost-effective creation
  • IT-compliant user and device management
  • Company-wide distribution

In the first prototypes, a stable and flexible technical basis is often not considered or developed several times. Even small changes on prototypes usually result in high costs.

Now, at the latest, it is worth thinking about a platform to meet the above criteria.

Separation of technology and content

A platform is not only useful from an IT point of view. Separating technology and courses from each other also makes sense in terms of content. A service provider who develops a good training concept is not always the same one who also implements it.

Consider the example of an airline: There are trainings for pilots, service technicians, flight attendants and warehouse staff. The content of these trainings requires different skills from engineering to psychology.

Here one would like to have the flexibility to commission different service providers based on the same compliant platform technology.

With 3spin DREAM we can quickly and easily create trainings or have them created and distribute them worldwide to our customers.

Thomas Kiso (Senior Manager Sales & Networks, DEKRA Digital)

The solution: 3spin DREAM

3spin offers an easy to use platform for AR & VR, with which you can create, manage and distribute training courses yourself without programming. Companies can use the same platform for every training and at the same time enable their own employees, agencies and content experts to create the courses for it quickly and cheaply.

3spin cooperates with numerous experts and service providers and can, if desired, bundle all services for you – from the development of a didactic concept to the creation of 3D models as well as 360° photos and videos to the distribution in 3spin DREAM.

How to create a training

in four easy steps

For any kind of training

You can create and use simple trainings directly in your web browser and in 3D space.

Very advanced Trainings
Trainings with complex contents can be programmed by us or an agency – and then managed through 3spin DREAM

Excellent user experience

Use of predefined interactions

We have received many awards for our user experience design. With 3spin DREAM you can configure and combine a variety of proven, ready-made interactions.

Product Benefits

  • Easy creation of numerous VR& AR trainings without programming.
  • Combine 3D models, images and videos to create a unique experience.
  • VR & AR Trainings for tablets and glasses all in one software.
  • Easy integration into IT with our cloud service or your own server.
  • The separation of technology and content enables subsequent scaling and extensions.
  • Increase the safety of your employees. Virtual trainings allow you to train without risk.
  • Reduce travel costs - with Mixed Reality you can visualize any scenario anywhere in the world.
  • Reduce machine and plant downtime costs by training on virtual models

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