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3spin DREAM for Training

The Software for Augmented & Virtual Reality Trainings

Train your employees with 3spin, the winner of the eLearning Award 2019. With 3spin DREAM you can easily create practical and effective employee training courses without programming knowledge. Mixed Reality is getting more and more relevant for training and professional development in companies. For corporate learning, for example in an industrial context, AR & VR gain importance, because they complement conventional eLearning with a very hands-on experience. Immersive training enables experience-oriented learning and motoric learning. This promotes a more sustainable anchoring in the memory compared to merely theoretical content. AR & VR trainings can be implemented in all industries and divisions. For example, they could be used for safety trainings, assembly, maintenance, sales and compliance. You can use our cloud service or install the software locally on your server. This allows you to easily create training sessions in your web browser and use them on a variety of devices.

Define Training Framework
Create new trainings with just a few clicks in your browser

Add Course Content
Upload images, videos or 3D objects via drag & drop

Define Interactions
Create training tasks in 3D with a tablet or glasses

We help companies counteract skilled labour shortage through Mixed Reality.

Thomas Hoger (Co-Owner,3spin)

Excellent User Experience

Use of predefined Interactions

We have received many awards for our user experience design. With 3spin DREAM for Training, you can choose from a variety of proven, ready-made interactions. The software enables a user-friendly authoring of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality trainings without programming knowledge.

3spin DREAM interface insert explanatory contents

Explanatory Contents

Link training content with images, sounds, videos, text and related links to provide more detailed information.

3spin DREAM interface Head-Up Display

Head-Up Display

Don't lose your bearings. Our Head-Up Display gives you at any time an overview of your current status in the virtual world.

3spin DREAM insert Hotspots


During training creation, you can place hotspots in 3D to define trainee interaction. The experience becomes more real when doors can actually be opened.

3spin DREAM Steps & Checklists

Steps & Checklists

Define steps that must be completed in a particular order. The trainee can use checklists to work independently on his tasks.

3spin DREAM add interaction tools

Interaction Tools

Use interactions like teleportation, laser pointer, click, enter and timer functions. Individual interactions can be added to better meet your needs.

Product Benefits

  • Easy creation of numerous VR& AR trainings without programming.
  • Combine 3D models, images and videos to create a unique experience.
  • VR & AR Trainings for tablets and glasses all in one software.
  • Easy integration into IT with our cloud service or your own server.
  • The separation of technology and content enables subsequent scaling and extensions.
  • Increase the safety of your employees. Virtual trainings allow you to train without risk.
  • Reduce travel costs - with Mixed Reality you can visualize any scenario anywhere in the world.
  • Reduce machine and plant downtime costs by training on virtual models

3spin is the winner of the eLearning Award 2019

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