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Deutsche Bahn Augmented Reality Maintenance HoloAssist

DB HoloAssist

for Deutsche Bahn

Maintenance with HoloLens

The Augmented Reality maintenance app allows service technicians to perform repairs on the track, instead of having to bring trains to a central workshop. The use of the app will in the future potentially reduce downtime and logistical effort.

DB Mixed Reality maintenance
DB augmented reality maintenance
DB workshop maintenance

Europe and Germany are suffering a major skilled labour shortage. Certified maintenance and repair experts working for Deutsche Bahn are stationed in central workshops, to which the trains generally have to be brought to for repair. However taking a train out of and back into service costs a lot of time and money.

We were able to support Deutsche Bahn's product team in the development of an augmented reality maintenance app. While using the app mobile service technicians can do a number of smaller repairs while the train is still in service – those repairs don't require big tools or spare parts and are for example jammed doors, broken coffee machines or damaged air conditioning.

With this app a large number of trains do not have to be brought into the shop for repair. The savings in time and effort for logistics are significant and will in future reduce costs as well as the downtime of trains.

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