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Extended Reality (XR) revolutionizes learning

By supplementing conventional methods with Augmented and Virtual Reality, companies can utilize the full potential of e-learning and save costs at the same time.

In companies today, e-learning mainly addresses the semantic, fact-based memory of humans. With the addition of AR & VR, it is now possible to easily activate experience-based and motoric areas of the brain. Participants memorize an immersive training course like a real-life event. The learned material is thus better remembered and ultimately leads to a significantly higher training success.

Learning by doing

Theoretical learning is deepened through practical application.

3spin DREAM Software VR AR Training

Learning without XR

Learning without XR

Learning with XR

Learning with XR

Using AR & VR any situation can be practiced easily, anytime and anywhere. This allows an unlimited number of repetitions.

VR & AR can also offer great advantages where today, apart from e-learning, real trainings are used – and thus the episodic and procedural memory is already addressed.

In reality dangerous training situations are often not feasible or only with high expenditure. By means of AR & VR, however, any situation can be simulated - and not only easier and better, but usually also cheaper, since expensive setups and travel costs are not necessary or highly reduced.

VR is the most appealing and emotionally positive learning method compared to textbooks.

Study by Warwick University, England

At a glance

With Augmented and Virtual Reality, you can easily and quickly convey complex training content, regardless of time and place, which is more memorable and thus leads to greater safety and lower costs.

Independence of
place and time

Simulation of complex
situations possible

Much better


Higher efficiency,
Lower costs

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