Lufthansa Travel Compass

3spin`s Lufthansa Travel Compass wins the Clio Award, otherwise known as the “Oscar of Advertising” (Forbes)

We are proud to have won over the judges in New York with our “Travel Compass”. The Travel Compass is a rotatable advertising poster that allows the viewer to look around via a 360° video.

The Travel Compass, for example, allowed passers-by in several German cities to escape the cold and overcast weather conditions of their home towns by taking a virtual trip to Hong Kong.

By turning the rotatable poster, they were able to take a look around the respective cities with the help of a previously recorded 360° video. This glimpse into a different world took the onlookers on a “magical holiday-journey” - at least for a moment - in the middle of winter.

3spin and Kolle Rebbe collaborated on this elaborate Project for Lufthansa and together developed concept, visual- and interaction design.

Moreover, 3spin produced 360° videos in six different cities worldwide. Viewers can pay a virtual visit to Shibuya Crossing in Tokyo, Lombard Street in San Francisco, the Lama Temple in Beijing, Brooklyn Bridge in New York, Ocean Drive in Miami and the Wan Chai Market in Hong Kong.

Aside from that, 3spin developed the hardware as well as the software.

In addition to the rotary mechanism, a camera was integrated into the exhibit. It takes photos of the viewer upon request and is able to integrate this picture into the 360°- video as graffiti on the side of a New York house.

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